# Getting Value from Fairwinds Insights

So you've installed the Insights agent and you're getting some results back from your audits. Chances are you're seeing quite a few Action Items showing up. Where should you start?

While it's good to look through the entire list of Action Items to get a sense for what's there, you probably already have a sense for where you should be focusing your efforts. Below are three common use cases for Insights as well as more instructions on how to achieve them.

# Workload Configuration

Often development and ops teams will assume that since the application is running, their work is done. But if you fail to set some basic configuration (like resource limits and liveness probes) for each workload, it can cause serious headaches down the line.

Check out the workload configuration to learn how to audit your workloads for best practices.

# Container Security

Containers are the easiest way for vulnerabilities to sneak into your application. Each container comes with its own operating system and installed libraries, so detecting and prioritizing vulnerabilities can become a huge burden at scale.

Check out the container security section to learn how to audit your Docker images for known CVEs.

# Cost Efficiency

Running workloads in Kubernetes can get expensive quickly. It can be hard to understand which workloads have the biggest impact on your bottom line and often teams are tempted to overprovision resources in order to ensure their application always functions properly.

Check out the cost efficiency section to get a better understanding of workload cost as well as detect workloads that are under or over-provisioned.