Fairwinds Insights supports the use of custom OPA policies to create Action Items.

# Enable the OPA agent

To enable OPA, make sure you pass --set opa.enabled=true when installing the insights-agent

See the OPA Policy documentation for more info on how to write OPA checks and upload them to Insights.

# Sample Report

OPA reports contain a list of Action Items generated by your OPA policies

    "ActionItems": [
            "Category": "Reliability",
            "Description": "String: No horizontal pod autoscaler found",
            "Remediation": "Create an HPA",
            "ResourceKind": "Deployment",
            "ResourceName": "local-path-provisioner",
            "ResourceNamespace": "local-path-storage",
            "Severity": 0,
            "EventType": "hpa-required",
            "Title": "HPA is required"