# Integrations

To add support for integrations like Slack, GitHub, Jira and PagerDuty you can add any of the following environment variables to your fwinsights-secrets secret:


# Slack

You'll need to create a Slack app (opens new window) to enable the Slack integration.

  1. Copy the client ID and secret and add them to the fwinsights-secrets secret (see above)
  2. On the left side, click OAuth & Permissions
  3. You'll need to add the following scopes:
  • channels:join
  • channels:read
  • chat:write
  1. You'll also need to add callback URL for:
  1. Restart the API pod and go to <host-url>/orgs/<org-name>/settings/integrations and install the Slack Integration

# GitHub

You'll need to create a GitHub app at https://github.com/organizations/YOUR_ORG_NAME/settings/apps to enable the GitHub integration.

To set up your app:

  1. Set Callback URL to $HOSTNAME/v0/github/callback
  2. Set Post Installation Setup URL to $HOSTNAME/v0/github/callback
    a. Check Redirect on update
  3. Under Webhook:
    a. Check Active
    b. Set Webhook URL to $HOSTNAME/v0/github/webhook
    c. Set Webhook secret (same value and env variable above)
  4. Enable SSL verification

# Permissions

In the Permissions and Events tab, add the following permissions:

  • Issues - Read and Write
  • Metadata - Read-only
  • Commit Statuses - Read and Write

And the following events:

  • Status

# PagerDuty

To set up PagerDuty, create an app at https://pagerduty.com/developer/apps (the URL for your organization may be different).

You will need Read/Write scope and should add a Redirect URL to $HOSTNAME/v0/pagerduty/oauth/callback