# Cluster Summary

cluster overview

The Cluster Summary page gives an overview of your cluster. You can find the following information here:

  • Your cluster's health score
  • A graph of new and fixed action items
  • A graph of health score over time
  • A graph of workload costs over time
  • A list of your top action items
  • A list of action items assigned to you

# Health Score

cluster health score

This graph gives you a sense for how healthy your cluster is overall.

The score takes into account how many Insights checks are passing or failing, weighted by the level of severity. To improve your score, fix some of the Action Items listed, especially if they have a critical level severity.

# Action Items

cluster action items graph

This graph shows when new action items were introduced into your cluster, as well as when existing action items were fixed.

You can filter this report by namespace or by report type. You can also change the date range.

# Workload Costs

cluster costs graph

This graph shows the total cost of different namespaces over time. You can filter by namespace, or change the date range.

# Assignments

cluster assigned action items

This area shows any Action Items that have been assigned to you. If you haven't been assigned any action items, it will show the highest risk items in your cluster.