# Cluster Comparison

If you have the Insights Agent installed on multiple Kubernetes clusters, you can use Fairwinds Insights to compare the workloads in those clusters. This is particularly useful if you have staging and production clusters, or multiple clusters that are meant to mirror one another.

You can also compare two namespaces within the same cluster.

In the example below, we examine the differences in the kube-system namespace between a production cluster and a staging cluster:

compare kube-system namespace

We can see that vpa-admission-controller and vpa-updater are in staging, but not production. This could be a mistake - typically we want production and staging to be aligned.

We can also see when the images or resources of a particular workload have changed. In the example below, we can see that the oauth2-proxy deployment doesn't have resource requests or limits set in production, though it does in staging.

compare kube-system namespace