# Getting Started

# Create a new Cluster

To get started with Fairwinds Insights, create an account

Once you've signed up and confirmed your email address, you'll be prompted to create a new organization:

New Org

Choose a unique name for your organization, like acme-co. You'll be able to add clusters to this organization, as well as any coworkers you'd like to collaborate with.

Once you've created an organization, you can create a new cluster, e.g. staging

New Cluster

# Install the Agent

When you create the cluster, you'll be prompted to install the Insights Agent We recommend using Helm (either v2 or v3) to install the agent, as this will allow you to customize your installation.

Helm install

Once you run the helm command provided in your cluster's settings page, you should see the page refresh after about 60 seconds, with some high-level data about your cluster.

If the page doesn't refresh automatically, check out the debugging instructions