# About

Fairwinds Insights offers integrations into popular Git and CI/CD tools to enable infrastructure-as-code scanning in your development process. This enables organizations to "shift left" and help you spot issues before they make it into production.

There are two options for this:

  • CI/CD Integration (opens new window): Fairwinds Insights can integrate into your Continuous Integration process, so you can catch image vulnerabilities and Kubernetes misconfigurations before they are pushed to production. Insights can scan changes in each pull request, notifying developers or breaking the build whenever security, efficiency, or reliability issues are found.
  • Auto-Scan (opens new window): Auto-Scan uses a GitHub integration to enable infrastructure-as-code scanning across multiple repositories without having to configure individual CI pipelines. Scans can be initiated on every pull request on any GitHub repo, and will use the Fairwinds Insights SaaS infrastructure to run the checks.

Insights will run the following report types in CI:

  • Polaris (configuration validation for best practices)
  • Trivy (scan Docker images for vulnerabilities)
  • OPA (run custom policies)
  • Pluto (detect deprecated resources)

# Comparing Auto-Scan and CI/CD Integration options

Auto-Scan Insights CI/CD Integration
Target Use Case DevOps Leaders adopting GitOps who need Infrastructure-as-Code scanning across multiple teams and repos quickly. DevOps Leaders with a few infrastructure repos, need to scan private images, or need scanning to be done on their CI/CD compute.
Main Value Proposition - Save time rolling out Infrastructure-as-Code scanning
- Reduce cost of fixing issues
Reduce cost of fixing issues
GitHub Integration Required Optional
Where scans are run Fairwinds Insights SaaS infrastructure Your CI/CD platform
Automatic discovery of YAML/Helm charts in a repo Yes No - manually specify in fairwinds-insights.yaml
Publish scan results as a GitHub Comment Yes Yes - optional (if GitHub is integrated)
Publish GitHub commit status Yes Yes - optional (if GitHub is integrated)
Scan Container Images? Public images only Yes - Public and Private images
How do I get started? Navigate to: Repositories > Add Repository > “Connect GitHub” Navigate to: Repositories > Add Repository > “Connect Manually”