# Cluster Summary

The Cluster Summary page gives an overview of your cluster. You can find the following information here:

  • Priorities
  • Namespace Summaries
  • Report Breakdown
  • Cluster Breakdown
    • Kubernetes Version
    • Current version of the Insights Agent
    • Node count
    • Namespace count
    • Workload count
    • Pod count
  • Plugins list

# Priorities

The Priorities section will show you the total number of action items broken down by severity and category. Each category has a link to view the full list of associated Action Items.

priorities screenshot

# Namespace Summaries

The Namespace Summaries section shows Namespaces in your cluster organized by the number of outstanding Action Items. Action Items are categorized as Security, Efficiency, and Reliability, and assigned a severity of warning (orange) severity or danger (red).

namespace summary screenshot

# Report Breakdown

The Report Breakdown shows a summary of open action items organized by report configured in the Insights Agent.

nreport breakdown screenshot

# Plugins List

The Plugins section shows different integrations that can be setup from Insights including sending notifications to Slack and metrics to Datadog.