# Prometheus Collector

The Prometheus Collector report gathers workload metrics from a Prometheus installation in order to provide fine-grained resource usage data. This can be used to gauge how much different workloads cost, understand cost trends, and help set resource requests and limits.

# Use an existing Prometheus installation

To use an existing Prometheus installation pass the following flag to the Helm chart installation:

--set resourcemetrics.address="http://prometheus-server.<namespace>"

Alternatively, you can click on Prometheus from the Report Hub (opens new window), and then:

  1. Click on the Configure tab
  2. Enter the service address of the existing Prometheus instance
  3. Click "Save"
  4. Be sure to Re-install the Fairwinds Insights agent (opens new window) in your cluster

# Install a new Prometheus

The Insights Agent chart can also install a new Prometheus server in your cluster to use. To install Prometheus alonside the Agent, pass the following flag to the Helm chart installation:

--set resourcemetrics.installPrometheus=true