# Goldilocks

Goldilocks (opens new window) watches your Kubernetes deployments and makes recommendations for resource requests and limits based on actual usage.

Goldilocks utilizes the vertical-pod-autoscaler (opens new window) in recommendation mode to extract suggested CPU and Memory limits/requests.

# Requirements

Make sure you have metrics-server (opens new window) installed in your cluster.

You'll also need vertical-pod-autoscaler (opens new window). Goldilocks will install this for you by default, but if you're managing your own VPA installation, you can --set goldilocks.installVPA=false.

# Remediation

Goldilocks Action Items will suggest particular amounts for CPU and Memory limits/requests. You can copy/paste these recommendations into your workload configuration.

If Goldilocks is making recommendations for a third-party application, you can likely set its requests/limits using its helm chart, or by editing its installation YAML by hand.