# CLI Utility

The Fairwinds Insights CLI (opens new window) is a command-line tool for interacting with the Fairwinds Insights API. In particular, it makes it easy to manage policy-as-code, keeping your Insights policies synced to a Git repository.

# Installation

# Homebrew Tap

brew install FairwindsOps/tap/insights

# Binary

Install the binary from our releases (opens new window) page.

# Usage

To start using the Insights CLI, you'll need to retrieve your admin token from your organization's settings page at insights.fairwinds.com/orgs

Set that token in your environment with


You'll also need to specify the --organization flag when running the CLI, passing in the name of your organization. Alternatively, you can use the fairwinds-insights.yaml configuration file (below)

# fairwinds-insights.yaml

You can set up a YAML file containing details for the CLI, including your organization name and hostname (for self-hosted deployments)

  organization: acme-co
  hostname: https://example.com

By default, the CLI will look for this file at ./fairwinds-insights.yaml, but its location can be configured by passing in the --config <filename> flag.