# Membership

In your organization's settings page, you can use Team Management to view a list of all users in your organization. list of users

You can use this page to add your teammates and coworkers to your Insights organization. You can also designate certain members as owners, who will be able to add new members, manage permissions, and perform administrative actions like deleting and adding clusters.

add a user

# Teams

Once you've added people to your organization, you'll need to grant them access to specific resources by adding them to one or more teams.

Specifically, each team has access to a list of:

  • clusters
  • namespaces
  • repositories

Every organization comes with a built-in Full Access team, which can access all resources. The creator of the organization is automatically added to this team.

full access team

Use the Add team button to add a new team with more fine-grained access. full access team

From here, you can select which clusters, namespaces, and repositories the user will get access to. Note that if you select All for these, the team will have access to any new resources that get added as well

full access team

Once your team has been created, you can add new members to the team. Team members can have one of three roles:

  • a viewer can only see data associated with this team
  • an editor can take actions like assigning Action Items or marking them as resolved
  • an admin can do all of the above, plus add new members to the team full access team