# Install Hub

Use the Install Hub to decide which reports you'd like to run in your cluster.

Install Hub tiles

The easiest way to install is to use the Quick Add button below a report, then click the Install icon at the top-right.

You'll then be prompted with instructions for installing the Insights Agent in your cluster:

helm install

# Customization

You can customize any of the reports by clicking on its tile.

customize report

Some common options are:

  • schedule - a Cron expression describing when to run this report
  • timeout - the maximum time this report should run before an error is triggered

These options will be reflected in the helm install command you'll see when you click the Install icon. Be sure to run the new command after making any changes here.

# Report History

The History tab will show you a list of recent reports for each report type.

report history

You can click the View Report link to see the raw data from each report. This can be helpful for debugging.