# Install Hub and Policies

# Enable or Disable Reports Through Install Hub

The Admission Controller currently runs the following report types:

  • Polaris - checks for security and best practices
  • OPA - apply custom policies to resources
  • Pluto - detects Kubernetes resources that have been deprecated or removed

To enable or disable a particular report:

  1. Visit your organization's Clusters page
  2. After selecting a cluster, go to the Install Hub page
  3. Click the Admission Controller report and navigate to Configure
  4. Use the toggle to enable or disable a report and click Update
enable reports

# Customize Policies

To see the current Policies applicable to the Admission Controller:

  1. Visit your organizations Policy page
  2. Under the Admission column, select the Warn and Block filters

If the Admission Controller is not in Passive Mode, the Policies that have Block under Admission will cause admission requests to fail. Others will only create Action Items but will not block admission requests.

To customize the severity or whether a Policy should block an admission request, you can use the Insights CLI to configure Policies.